NfmM MOD Player

A small and portable soundtrack player for ProTracker (.mod), FastTracker II (.xm) and ScreamTracker III (.s3m) modules.

Type: Java app
License: DS Default License
Version: 2.6

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NfmM MOD Player

Last updated: January 23rd, 2015

Java apps music inactive

It's a small player able to open and play ProTracker (.mod), FastTracker I/II (.xm), MilkyTracker (.mod, .xm) and Scream Tracker III (.s3m) modules. It can load a list of locally stored soundtracks in the Need for Madness instalation folder or open mod files from your computer. Use it to play modules continuously like any other audio player.

A new version has been developed, with new stuff and features according to the recent updates in the related game and the application's runtime.

Also, since the version 2.6, the player uses my Dual Engine, which merges ModSlayer (plus support for more effects than its original version, like row loop, pattern skip, fine volune slide, note cut and note retriggering) and IBXM under a single API for easy access. This engine has recently been integrated in the game.

Being developed

  • Optimization of volume and other controls.
  • Optimization of playback engine.
  • Other minor improvemens.


  • List playback
  • Tailor-made interface
  • Local and online mod files can be loaded
  • Advanced repeat function: support for ending loops in songs, infinite if repeat is ON.
  • Support for zipped modules
  • Save/load of custom lists
  • Integration with Need for Madness Multiplayer to load local soundtracks
  • Integration with the Mod Archive search engine API to perform online search of ProTracker modules, including download capabilities
  • Self-updating module


  • Need for Madness Multiplayer official game client is suggested to work with, but the application can run alone too.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, Mac-OS X
  • Java Runtime Environment 7 or higher