Need for Madness 2 - DSmod 2

Another Need for Madness 2 modification. Madness everywhere!

Type: Java game
License: DS Default License
Version: Closed Beta 0.5

Need for Madness 2 - DSmod 2

Last updated: March 23rd, 2015

Java games inactive

Can you feel the madness too!?

Under development, Nfm2-DSmod2 is going to be the sequel of the very mad racing, crashing and stunt performing car game that was the first mod!

It will include new cars, new and more challenging bosses, a completely renewed set of stages to play in and other tweaks and perks in gameplay to extend the gameplay.

In order to win a stage, you will have two options: either be the first one in reaching the finish line or wreck all your opponents before any of them manages to finish the race. Keep on mind any of them can choose any of these two options. Other than that, there are no rules in the game, so you can roam freely around the stage or go in opposite way if you feel like it.

During a game, power is going to be the key factor. It will grant you more strength and speed. Jump off ramps of all sizes and forms and perform the craziest stunts you can, in exchange for more power for your car. The more impressive your stunts are, the more power you get!

You can read the forum thread dedicated to this mod in order to know more about it and the game it comes from.


  • Tons of new and modified content!
  • It will come in a bundled installer for Windows and other OS
  • Redesigned HUD and new grahics effects
  • A level system and achievements to unlock even more stages, and finally a special prize!


  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, Mac-OS X
  • Java Runtime Environment 7 or higher