DragShot Software Default License for Apps

This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between the parties and all other prior negotiations, agreements, representations and understandings are superseded hereby. Also, it shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United States of America... ok no, it won't. Don't worry.

Well, this is the part where we speak about terms and conditions of use of the apps posted here under that... license or whatever it actually is (it isn't that close to one).

In order to make things easier for everyone, I've disclosed the terms in four sections, to be presented below.

  What you must know beforehand

  • These terms are ALWAYS in effect. From the very moment you do anything of the activities mentioned in the next section, it is implied that you've read and accepted these terms.
  • The applications posted here are free apps. Not exactly free in the meaning that you can get until the last character of its sources and show them as a big exponents of the open software initiative; but free in the way that you can download and use them for free for whatever they were made to, or something related you found them useful for.
  • They will be available all the time, at zero-cost forever... well, at least while this server (also free) is up and working (Note to self: add mirrrors).

  What you can do

  • You can download, use and share the apps covered under this license, totally free of charge.
  • You may use the apps covered under this license, or part of their codes, in a project of yours if you feel like it. This applies for both commercial and non-comercial projects.

  What you must keep on mind

  • The apps are delivered AS THEY ARE. They're meant to do the tasks they were designed for, but there's no implied or explicit warranty unless the opposite is stated. No exceptions.
  • In case you are interested into, or manage to use any app covered under this license (or part of their codes), please let me know about it. I want to join the hype too.
  • You will mention me and the stuff you used from here, in case you use it. No ripoffs, I will find them.
  • For closed-source apps, you may prefer to use a decompiler in order to get usable sources. If that fails, you can try requesting the sources via e-mail. If you provide enough evidence of the existence and activity of your project, I might decide to provide you of the codes you need.

  What you shouldn't do

  • You may not use the apps for activities like piracy, any sort of exploit abuses nor infringing the law. I'm not responsible for any inappropriate use of anything posted here. If you do something wrong and get caught, that's your problem, not mine.
  • You may not monetize with these apps. No selling, for either them or part of their codes. Using them in the development of your own commercial projects is fine though.

Most of the apps in here are available to download under these terms, so you better give them a look.

Thanks in advance!

What's covered under this license

  • Need for Madness 2 - DSmod
  • Need for Madness 2 - DSmod 2
  • Need for Madness Multiplayer - DS-addons pack!
  • DS Car Factory
  • NfmM MOD Player
  • DS Snap Maker
  • DS Image Visor