Need for Madness Multiplayer: DS-addons pack

An extended game client for Need for Madness Multiplayer.

Type: Java Online Game Client
License: DS Default License
Version: 2.5.2

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Need for Madness Multiplayer: DS-addons pack

Last updated: March 2nd, 2024

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What started as a personal project for adding more visual elements on top of Need for Madness Multiplayer has grown to become the main community client for said game, including lots of new features like HUD skins, more graphics settings, bug fixes, custom online games, upgraded performance and game modes as well. Many of these were requested by the players themselves, who continue to gather up and play the game, sometimes even organizing tourneys too!

This project is currently being developed in collaboration with Jaroslav Paska (Phyrexian).

A fresh coat of paint for the in-game visuals

NfmM DS-addons pack features alternate looks in the form of skins for HUD elements like the lap/position counter, the damage/power indicators and the guidance arrow, as well as introducing a speedometer and a minimap, with their own skins as well. You can switch the skins for each element independently, in order to mix and match them in terms of looks or functionality. There are also a few additional effects added on top of it, like translucent glass and also lights that dynamically turn on and off depending on the actions of the player.

Gameplay enhancements

Even with the endless amount of stages created by the community and the freedom that comes with the game’s formula (either win the race or wreck the competition and you’ll win!), one can only play the same game for so long before it begins to feel stale, unless… there was some way to spice things up every now and then!

DS-addons introduces new replayability value through a set of effects that allow creators to make their stages even more unique: burn damage if you go outside of the tracks, low gravity, damage amplification/reduction, overpowered stats, slippery ground, and many others. But that’s not just it; there are also game modes that change the rules of the game completely: from an adrenaline-packed elimination mode putting pressure on both wasters and racers to not stay behind, to a mode where the dead come back from the grave to assault the remaining players! These and many other options are available in online multiplayer games, and more of these will be implemented in the future, as new suggestions are brought up.

On top of all that, there are lots and lots of bugfixes and other improvements in this client, introduced as the need arose over the years. This further enhances the gaming experience compared to the latest official version of the game.

Upgraded performance

Need for Madness uses an old painting system that relies on CPU to render its contents on screen. While it was good enough for the capabilities of its time, it’s not too well suited for modern hardware. DS-addons provides extensions and optimizations in the rendering pipeline, allowing the game to take advantage of the multiple cores most modern processors come with. This in turn makes it run smoothly even with cluttered stages in low-end devices.

This client is the only one receiving updates since official development of the game stopped back in 2015, and it counts with its own game launcher to receive them. You can find news about updates and other developments in this topic of the AIM Games forum (you may need to register an account there first).

Being developed

  • A new lobby system with more options available.
  • Other minor improvemens for the lobby and chat.
  • Upgrades to user-generated stages, including custom track pieces.


  • Seasonal events!
  • Support for mp3 stage soundtracks!
  • More HUD gadgets (speedometer, minimap, chronometer, player names) with skins!
  • Additional features like transparent glass, no-decorations in singleplayer, more camera modes, etc.
  • The ability to embed custom models as track pieces in your custom stages!
  • Upgraded chat system with links, mentions, notifications with sound and a longer history!
  • A world list of best times made in Practice mode for the singleplayer stages!
  • Customized online matches with your own set of rules, stage effects, players and even game modes!
  • An independent Game Client patcher to manage updates, replacing the official self-updater
  • Graphics quality settings menu
  • Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements not included in the original game client
  • ... and more!


  • A working connection to Internet, in order to keep all files updated
  • Windows 7/8.1/10, Linux, Mac-OS X
  • Java Runtime Environment 8