AudioMicro Direct mp3 Download

A script which allows to download free songs from without need of logging in.

Type: User script
License: GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0
Version: 1.1

AudioMicro Direct mp3 Download

Last updated: June 30th, 2015

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This small script adds a button next to each song entry under the free-music and artist sections of Using this alternative link you can simply right click it and save the .mp3 file it links to. It's the same file opened internally by the embedded player.

Simply install this script and it will do its job right after the page load its main contents. No special GM permissions are required so far.

Being developed

  • The ability of downloading music which doesn't provide a try-me link.


  • Automatic script execution and updating.
  • It works for the Royalty Free Music and Artist sections.
  • The link has the shape of a button and can be easily spotted.


  • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Recent versions are recommended.
  • Greasemonkey plug-in for Firefox, or Tampermonkey for Chrome.