DS Desktop Notify

A lightweight library that you can use in your Java-powered desktop apps to show floating notifications on the desktop.

Type: Java library
License: MIT
Version: Beta v0.91

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DS Desktop Notify

Last updated: Jul 16th, 2019

Java utils libraries

Under development, this library allows to show small and stylish notifications on the Desktop. You, as developer, just need to add this tiny .jar to your classpath and invoke a single static method to create and display a new notification. Simple.

You can customize your notification to make it show what you want. You can specify a title, a message, an icon (or use a default one) and even the fonts and colors, picking one of the provided themes or creating one of your own. You don't need to worry about the bounds nor where you should break lines (as in JOptionPane), because all of this is automatically measured before showing your notification.

You can specify screentime and actions too, or you could make your notification stay on the screen as long as necessary for the user to see and click it (it means, no limit until the user clicks it).

So, no matter what your application is about, if you need to show pop-up notifications on the Desktop in any moment, you can use this library to deal with that.


It's come to my attention that there's been some enterprise-class projects that have included this library as one of their dependencies. This is why I've deployed an official javadoc.

If you're interested in using DS Desktop Notify and need some help/guidance with it, want to request a feature you need or submit a bug, please fill the Contact form or send an e-mail to with a subject that starts with [Desktop Notify].

Being developed

  • Transitions and more customizable options for the notification area.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Create and show your notification with a single code line!
  • The notifications can be closed by mouse clicking, or have an specific time on screen.
  • They can wait on queue if there's no room to show them all.
  • Action events for each notification.
  • Notifications can be posted from external processes via command line.
  • They won't mess with the taskbar in Windows PCs!
  • It leaves no traces: the service thread automatically stops when there are no more notifications to show. It is also started again when new notifications arrive.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, Mac-OS X
  • Java Runtime Environment 6 or higher
  • Translucent windows support in AWT/Swing is recommended for best results (Java 7 or higher is needed for this).