Welcome to DragShot Software

The home of some cool stuff you can find around.

Most of these apps were built using Java and, of course, they're completely free to download and use.

To start, give a look to this little projector.

Ready-to-use stuff

Neatly wrapped and ready to start with a double clic!

Free of malware

Crafted with care and double-checked before each release.

Good Quality

Years of professional experience backing up every line of code.

Released apps

These apps are fully operational and may receive updates from time to time. You will find download links in each one of them.

Under development

I have several projects ongoing. Three of them are listed here, but you can find more in the projects section.

You can also find some download links, if you want to try them.

Finished projects

There are two finished projects so far. They are fangames you can download and play for free.